Jan. 2nd, 2011

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Sorry for the absence, folks. I'm back, and eager to blog!

First things first: over at my Beyond Elsewhere community, serial story tellin' time is taking place for those who want to read a take of my own version of time travel and whimsical adventure. Come and get it if you want it. ;-)

I hope everyone made it through to 2011 without any significant scratches or dings.

In the meanwhile, a very public THANK YOU and NOM-NOM-NOM to my pal Piroshki for the tasty goodness that recently made it to my mail box. Good grief, if anything tastes better than that on warm raisin bread, I don't want to know about it! (a reciprocal package of a sort is already on the way)


I am in the midst of nailing down a second job of part-time stature, along with reducing my off-site storage requirements and financial footprint. If nothing else gets done in 2011, I will eliminate as much personal debt as humanly possible, though preferably all the way down to ZERO bucks. It is not that I don't make decent money (trust me, I know I am blessed), but I really need to resolve and close out some old business as well as place myself in a position where I can take more time off to do more of the things I love to do.

Ebay, Craigslist, the local classified ads, and anything else I can think of to make some coin while ridding myself of things I no longer need or use is going to be the norm for some time to come. Ditto with Freecycle, the Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc. for those items that have some life left in them but are not commercially viable.

And yes, I will post any items up for sale (behind a cut) for anyone interested in buying stuff from moi. ;-)


New year means new resolutions. I'll post mine as soon as a bit more of the new year has taken place. In the meanwhile, feel free to share yours if you wish in the comments section. I can always use the inspiration!

Live like you mean it, folks! ;-)


itzwicks: Moi, Webster, NY, September  2001 (Default)

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