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Greetings all!

First and foremost, many thanks to my Live Journal pal tensegrity for the Dreamwidth invite! I really appreciate the quick reply to my call for assistance. If you are of a drinking persuasion, I've got the first couple of rounds at the next pub we mutually find ourselves in. ;-)

I wish I had something more profound to say with this initial entry, but I am at a loss for words. So, let me just go and put the following out there now...

I have been with Live Journal since 2004, less than a full year after retiring from active duty in the US Army. I have tried my best to keep a balance between blogging the events of my life while actually living it. In recent years, my online blogging efforts have slowed due to a series of factors, but the fact remains that I still desire to maintain an online presence in the blogosphere.

As of late, Live Journal (the business side of the website) has become more and more alien in its management practices and policies, so I have decided to explore other venues in which to chronicle the thoughts in my head. This new online journal is to be considered a live test drive to see if I can make a go of this as an alternative. At some point, I'll dress up the place, and play with the custom settings. Expect me to make a purchase if I find it user friendly enough for moi. I won't stop using LJ during the evaluation period, but I will do a lot of cross-posting as needed. Due to the sheer volume of people I know and have friended over the years, I will never delete my primary account (itzWicks), but I will consider using it as a monitoring post, should I elect to make a permanent jump to Dreamwidth or some other blog site.

I welcome all constructive feedback in the comments section, as well as email: itzwicks AT yahoo DOT com.


Assuming that things work out well here, I'll port select posts from the other site over here. If nothing else, my lengthy rendition of "why I blog" will be included within the next couple of entries. Mistakes made in on the other blog will be avoided if possible, and lessons learned will certainly be applied to the best of my ability. All that I ask is that everyone who ends up on these pages keep it civil.

That's it for the moment. I will focus on real content in the next post.



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